Owned and operated by a premier aircraft manufacturing and modification facility, SkyWay’s machine shop facilities meet stringent FAA requirements for aerospace manufacturing. That means you can count on the same attention to detail and quality craftsmanship used for mission-critical components in multi-million dollar aircraft.

Aircraft parts manufacturing machining

We offer the latest in sophisticated CNC machining technology, including one of the largest abrasive waterjet cutting machines in the region. A wide variety of forming and fabrication technologies are on-site, including CNC milling, alodyning, sheet metal bending, two open-face filtered paint booths and more. Our flexible and programmable equipment is ideal for short-to-medium production runs or one-off prototyping for R&D projects.


  • HAAS VF6 5-axis CNC mill: Y30” x X60”

  • HAAS VF2 4-axis CNC mill with Y15” x X30”

  • OMAX Waterjet cutter, 4’ x 8’ bed size

  • 100 Ton CNC Brake

  • CNC Mandrel Tube Bender – .75” to 1.5” OD, max. radius 3.75”, min. radius1.5”

  • Tube Bending Machine, .375” OD to 1” OD, rotary draw, max. radius 4”, min. radius 1.5” — for Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel

  • One CNC Lathe

  • One manual Lathe

  • Two manual Vertical Mills

  • One MIG Welding Machine

  • Two TIG Welding Machines


  • Filtered Air Paint Booth

  • Alodyne surface treatment

  • Precision assembly & sheet metal fabrication

Whether your needs are for a one-off prototype, a short production run or logistical support for custom installation or parts fabrication, SkyWay Manufacturing is ready to help shape your goals into reality.

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