Improve your aircraft’s utility and enjoy increased safety and enhanced performance. You’ll get off the ground and back, shorter, faster, safer, with the original R/STOL High Lift System.

Owners of R/STOL-equipped aircraft enjoy the increased flexibility it affords – whether on short runways or international airports. Hundreds of pilots who fly through small and metropolitan airports every day are using R/STOL’s enhanced performance to gain extra time, avoid delays, reduce aircraft wear and tear and cut operating costs.

Sierra R/STOL modfication
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  • Enhanced operator convenience and safety

  • Sharp, crisp low speed characteristics

  • Up to 47% shorter takeoff and landing distances

  • Lowered nose permits safer obstacle clearance on difficult approaches and departures

  • Improved high angle stall characteristics

  • Higher cruise speeds

  • Improved high density altitude performance

  • Operate into and out of smaller airstrips with greater safety and convenience

  • Up to 1100 ft. higher service ceiling

Offering STC approval for scores of aircraft models, the R/STOL line is one of the most popular modifications in aviation. We offer full parts, service, installation kits and support for the following Cessna aircraft models:

Series 10 and 12:

  • 150 / 152

  • 172

  • 180 / 182

  • 185

Series 12 / 13 / 15 and 79:

  • 206 / 207 / T207

  • 210 / T210 / P210

Please download our PDF brochure for detailed performance and design information.

Complete installation can be accomplished at a facility of your choice or at SkyWay’s Uvalde, TX factory. Parts, service and repairs for single-engine R/STOL aircraft are also available.

Please contact us for details, availability and pricing.

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