Unlike many aircraft maintenance shops, SkyWay understands the business from both the customer’s and the provider’s point of view. We’ve spent decades as owners and operators of aircraft ranging from Piper Cubs to Corporate Jets and, like you, we’ve learned a healthy respect for Murphy’s Law. We appreciate the impact that unexpected costs and downtime can have on your schedule and your business.

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Mark Huffstutler
Mark HuffstutlerCEO

The SkyWay Group is headed by longtime aviation veteran Mark Huffstutler, founder of Sierra Industries, a pioneer for more than 30 years in FAA-certified performance modifications for piston and turbine-powered Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft. Mr. Huffstutler brings a broad spectrum of aviation business expertise to SkyWay, including experience in managing multiple STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) modification projects, development of aerial surveillance platforms and ownership and management of numerous air charter and individual aircraft. In addition to his business acumen, Mark is a certified A&P mechanic, holds an ATP rating and has more than 15,000 flight hours in aircraft ranging from gliders and helicopters to warbirds and business jets.


In 2016, Huffstutler sold Sierra Industries to an aviation investment firm and focused his energies on the Experimental Aircraft category. In early 2017, he purchased another well-known aviation innovator – Lancair International – and relocated operations to Uvalde, TX. Under the team of Mark and Conrad Huffstutler, Lancair has launched 2 new innovative high performance composite aircraft – the 4 place Mako and the 2 place Barracuda.

Lancair Mako in flight

Lancair Mako

Lancair Barracuda in flight

Lancair Barracuda

With more than 35 years of experience with Cessna aircraft maintenance and modifications Huffstutler will continue to provide support from his original base in Uvalde, Texas under the brand of The SkyWay Group, Inc.

While Lancair offers full support for Lancairs and other experimental aircraft, we also leverage 35+ years of certified aircraft experience to provide support for aircraft ranging from piston singles to multi-engine jets, under the banner of SkyWay MRO Services.