SkyWay’s extended-width door modification is the perfect solution to outfit your Cessna Citation for air medical or cargo missions. It provides superb cabin access without compromising the structural integrity of the Citation airframe.

Providing a full 36” wide opening (the original Citation door is only 23”), there’s ample room for medical transport, cargo, large cameras, research equipment or other oversized items. It does not effect your existing seating arrangements, making it ideal for multiple-use aircraft.

Unlike clamshell-type cabin doors, there is no lower door panel to interfere with access from ramp to the cabin floor. The SkyWay door allows stretchers or cargo to be rolled up right to the cabin threshold, making it easy to load hard-to-handle items. Moreover, it utilizes the same reliable mechanical design of the original door and requires no specialized maintenance or tools.

cessna citation extended cargo door
  • 36 inch width (13” wider than factory stock)

  • Swing-forward design maximizes cabin access and in-flight safety

  • No specialized tools or maintenance required

  • Meets maximum FAR 25 standards

  • Installation in Uvalde, Texas by experienced crew

  • Proven in dozens of installations

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cessna citation extended cargo door
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cessna citation extended cargo door

Installation notes: Total aircraft downtime is between 4-6 months. The aircraft is not needed on-site until all parts have been produced. All installation will be performed in Uvalde, TX by our experienced Citation crew members.

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