“No Doors” Main Landing Gear Kit

Available for Cessna 210’s produced between 1970 and 1978, the No Doors kit (PN 090001) eliminates the troublesome factory hydraulic gear door system, essentially replicating Cessna’s 1979 redesign of the gear. The conversion consists in removing the four main gear doors, three hydraulic actuating cylinders, plus unnecessary excess sheet metal, fairings and tubing, resulting in a 19 pound gain in useful load.

Nose Gear Door Conversion

This modification for the Cessna 210 Nose Gear Door (PN 080001) completes the conversion of your Cessna 210 to post-1979 appearance and operation. The elimination of a hydraulic cylinder and conversion of the Nose Gear doors to mechanical operation shortens operating time, decreases wear on the system and reduces the chance of a hydraulic system-related failure.

Sierra no-doors mod for Cessna 210


  • Cleaner look — no more “droopy doors”

  • Reduce retraction/extension time — gear actuation time is cut by up to 50%

  • Reduced system complexity — 32 moving parts eliminated

  • Reduced maintenance — fewer operating elements to cause problems

  • Current production appearance — like all production 210 aircraft since 1979

  • Enhanced resale value — with an industry-recognized value modification

Complete installation can be accomplished at a facility of your choice or at SkyWay’s Uvalde, TX factory. Please contact us for details, availability and pricing.

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