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Mark Huffstutler in the cockpit of a Cessna Citation

The home base of aviation entrepreneur Mark Huffstutler, Uvalde, Texas has long been known for innovative aircraft performance modifications.

Starting in the early 1980’s with his purchase of the Uvalde Flight Center, Huffstutler developed and marketed a growing line of enhancements focused on a wide range of Cessna aircraft from single-engine models to cabin-class business jets. SIJET.COM soon became known as a prime portal for Cessna aircraft owners seeking the most in performance from their aircraft as well as cost effective solutions for maintenance of legacy aircraft.


Today, the SkyWay Group, Inc., continues to offer support for legacy products including the Cessna 210 Gear Door Mod, the Cessna 206 Long Range Fuel Tanks and the Robertson/STOL Short Takeoff and Landing modifications.  Additionally,  owners of Sierra Industries-modified Cessna Citation aircraft can count on experienced support from the same innovative team who developed the Eagle II, Stallion, Super II and Super SII modifications.

Co-located with Lancair in the original red hangar complex at Garner Field, SkyWay MRO provides comprehensive, yet affordable service and avionics support no matter what aircraft you operate. You can count on us for maintenance, repairs and inspections to keep your aviation investment in prime condition. Plus, on-field avionics, paint and interior completion facilities ensure a convenient “one-stop” solution for both certified and experimental aircraft.

Our PMA-certified manufacturing facility continues to produce aerospace-quality components for both Lancair kits and STC modifications, utilizing sophisticated machine tools and processes painstakingly developed for world-class business jet enhancements.


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