Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Doc 1Engine Fire / Pressurization / Cabin Door Seal300 hrs
Doc 5Standby Gyro Powerevery 12 months
Doc 6CVR / Flight Data Recorder Inspectionevery 24 months
Doc 7Static Discharge Systemevery 36 months
Doc 8External Wing Inspectionevery 48 months
Doc 9Portable Fire Ext / Fuselage / Nose Inspectionevery 72 months
Doc 11Cabin / Cargo Door Lubrication300 hours / 12 months
Doc 12Garmin Autopilot / Windshield Anti-Ice Inspection600 hours / 24 months
Doc 14Landing Gear Functional Check1200 hours / 24 months
Doc 16Main Landing Gear Inspection2400 hours / 48 months
Doc 17Emergency Locator Transmitterevery 12 months
Doc 18A/S, ALT, ADC & Staticevery 24 months
Doc 19Portable Fire Ext Inspection6 months
Doc 22Airframe Inspection1200 hrs. / 36 months
Doc 23Engine Fire / Wing Crossflow / Radome Inspections300 hours / 24 months
Doc 24Windshield Optical Prism Inspection2400 hrs / 72 mo /
1200 hrs/ 36 mo
Doc 29Battery Inspectionevery 100 hrs or 12 mo
Doc 32Landing Gear Wheel Inspectionper Maintenance Manual
Doc 34Airplane Wash14 days
Doc 35Battery Capacity Checkper Battery Manual
Doc 38Standby Gyro Powerevery 6 months
Doc 39Cockpit & Cabin Zonal Inspection5000 hrs
Doc 40Corrosion Inspection6 months
Doc 41Vapor Cycle 500 Compressor Hour500 compressor hrs
Doc 42Emergency Com 1 and Com 2 Tune Functional test11,950 hrs
Doc 43Skin Joint - Eddy Current Inspection7200 hours
Doc MACockpit side window inspection500 hours
Doc MCCockpit Skin / Cabin Lower Skin / Cabin Door2000 hours
Doc MDCabin Upper Left and Right Skins Inspection1500 hours
Doc MENose Landing Gear Fork Inspection5000 landngs /
1000 landings thereafter
Doc MFForward and Aft Pressure Bulkhead Structure2500 hours
Doc MGCabin / Emergency Door / Windshield, Side
and Cabin Window Frames Inspections
5000 hours
Doc MHForward and Aft Bulkhead Ring5050 hours
Doc MICabin Skin Splice / Forward Engine Mount
and Beam Inspection
6000 hours
Doc MJCockpit Upper Skin Inspection3000 hours
Doc MKTime Limited Dispatch (TLD) Check330 hours / 12 mo
Doc MLVertical Fin Left and Right Front Spar Cap
Attachment Hole #2 (Eddy Current)
9000 hours/
7500 hours thereafter
Doc MMMain Spar Lower Cap Inspection (Eddy Current)8000 hours
Doc MNMain Spar Cap WS 183.5 (Eddy Current)10,000 hours
Doc MOVertical Fin Left and Right Front Spar Cap
Attachment Hole #1 (Eddy Current)
15,000 hours
Doc MPMain Spar Splice WS 132.0 (Eddy Current)9500 hours
Doc MQVertical Fin Left and Right Rear Attachment
Hole #1 (Eddy Current)
15,000 hours /
14,500 hours thereafter
Doc MRAft Engine Beam Aft Upper Angle Common
to Aft Web , BL 24.5 (Eddy Current)
11,500 hours
FJ44 check 1150 hours
FJ44 check 2300 hours
Engine Compressor Wash150 hours
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Evaluation
Aircraft Re-weigh