Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Doc 1Windshield seal / door inspection400 hrs / 12 mo.
Doc 2ECU inspection400 hrs
Doc 3Yearly inspection12 months
Doc 4APU, starter inspection & lube400 hrs / 12 mo.
Doc 5T/R inspection, bleed air lube800 hrs / 24 mo.
Doc 6EDC Flap mechanical800 hrs
Doc 7Emergency lighting battery24 months
Doc 8Detailed inspection1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Doc 9Landing gear well36 months
Doc 10Fire bottles60 months
Doc 11Cockpit, empennage, wings72 months
Doc 13Fire extinguisher (hydrostatic test)144 months
Doc 15Emergency nitrogen bottle240 months
Doc 17Fuselage skin joints2400 hrs / 72 mo., then ea. 1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Doc 18Cabin door frame4000 hrs, then ea. 2000 hrs.
Doc 19Stringers, frames & bulkhead6000 hrs / 10 years, then ea 2400 hrs / 6 years
Doc 20T/R pivot points200 hrs
Doc 21Honeywell STBY control head500 hrs
Doc 22T/R lubrication600 hrs
Doc 23Lead-acid batteryper Battery Manual
Doc 25Cabin window ultrasonic test3600 hrs / 1 time
Doc 26Inspect Horiz. Stabilizer Thermal BlanketEvery 4800 hours
Doc 27Exterior corrosion inspection14 days
Doc 28L3 Com STBY battery6 months
Doc 30CVR ping test24 months
Doc 31APU starter/generator inspection500 APU hours
Doc 34
Doc 35Landing gear pneumatic bottle test5 years, then ea. 3 years
Doc 36Emer. brake pneumatic test5 years
Doc 37Portable O2 bottle hydrostatic test10 years, then ea. 5 years
Doc 38Flight data recorder5000 hours
Doc 40Landing gear wheel inspection (NDI)per Maintenance Manual
Doc 41Cowl and fire loopevery MPI
Doc 42ELT inspection12 months
Doc 43Air data system24 months
Doc 44Main landing gear attach fittings2000 landings, then ea. 750 landings until 5000
Doc 45Cabin door pins6000 landings, then ea. 2000 landings
Doc 46NiCad main battery check100 hours
Doc 47Nose wheel steering FT12 months / 800 hours
Doc 48Glass windshield / side window delamination24 months / 1600 hours
Doc MACabin exterior skin100 hours
Doc MDCrossover quad position switch600 hours
Doc MEEngine fire extinguisher system900 hours
Doc MGDC flap function check1200 hours
Doc MICabin Skin / Pressure bulkhead6000 hours / 10 years, then ea. 2400 hrs / 6 years
Doc MJLower spar caps (SN 7001 and on)10,000 hrs, then ea. 2000 hrs
Doc MKLower spar caps (SN 0001 to 0171)4000 hrs, then ea. 3000 hrs
Doc MLFwd spar caps12,000 hrs, then ea. 3000 hrs
Doc MMVapor cycle system hour meter300 hours
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Inspection
Aircraft Re-weigh