Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Phase BGeneral Airframe & Engine150 hrs.
Phase 1Nose, Cockpit, Interior300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 2Wings, Gear, Empennage300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 3Tailcone300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4Airframe and Powerplants (both)300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4 A/FAirframe Only300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 5Complete Inspection & 1200 hr.1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 1 thru 5Complete Inspection (w/o Phase 49) 
Phase 6Corrosion14 days
Phase 8Portable Fire Extinguisher6 mo.
Phase 11Standby Gyro Battery Pack3 to 6 mo.
Phase 12Cargo Door / Frame Inspection3600 hours
Phase 13Window Structure/Horiz Stab.5000 hrs
Phase 14Fuselage/Wing Structure10K, then 3000 hrs thereafter
Phase 15Crack Inspection — Empennage/Tail10K hrs, 15K hrs,
then ea 1K
Phase 16Crack Inspection — Door & Pylon10K hrs, 15K hrs
then ea 3K
Phase 17Crack Inspection — Cabin Structure10,000 hrs
Phase 18Emergency EquipmentEvery Year
Phase 20A/S, Alt, ADC & Static with RVSMEvery 2 years
Phase 20Phase 20 w/o RVSMEvery 2 years
RVSM Yearly InspectionEvery year
Phase 21Transponder & CVR BeaconEvery 2 years
Phase 22Nitrogen HydroEvery 3 years
Phase 23Engine Fire Extinguisher Bottles HydroEvery 5 years
Hot Section Inspectionsper P&W Manual
Phase 26TKS Strainers3000 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 27Battery Recondition - NiCad100 hrs
Phase 30Hamilton Standard ACM Oil Change600 hrs
Phase 31Flap Bell Crank Mounts4000 landings /
2000 landings thereafter
Phase 32Aileron Drive Bracket15,000 landings /
7500 landings thereafter
Phase 33Aileron Yokes Inspection15,000 landings /
10,000 landings thereafter
Phase 39Camera Pod & Nav. Sight Structure4500 hrs, then 8100,
then 450 thereafter
Phase 47Cockpit & Cabin Halon FE HydroEvery 12 years
Phase 48Cockpit & Cabin Halon FE InspectionEvery 72 mo.
Phase 49Skin Joint & Doubler Inspection1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 51O2 Cyl. Hydrostatic Test5 years
Phase 52ELT Inspection12 mo.
Phase 53Wing L/E2400 hrs / 72 mo.
Phase 54I/B Lower Wing Spar13,200 hrs,
1200 hrs thereafter
Phase 55O/B Lower Wing Spar15,600 hrs,
1200 hrs thereafter
Phase 56Wing Spar Cap inspection15,600 hrs,
2400 hrs thereafter
Phase 57Front Carry-Thru to Wing Spar Lugs - Inspection10,000 hrs,
1200 hrs thereafter
Phase 58Vapor Cycle Cooling Hour Meter Check300 hrs
Phase 59Vapor Cycle Cooling 500 Compressor Maint.500 hrs Compressor hrs.
Phase MAVapor cycle system hour meter300 hrs
Phase MBNose Fork Inspection (5542300-2)10,000 landings,
then ea 1,000 landings
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Evaluation
Aircraft Re-weigh