Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Doc 1Vapor Cycle, Engine Fire Ext. Inspection300 hrs
Doc 2Emer. Equip, O2 masks, Emer. power supply, Landing gear lube12 months
Doc 3CVR, Directional Gyro24 months
Doc 4N2 Hydrostatic Test36 months
Doc 5Engine Fire Bottle Hydrostatic Test60 months
Doc 6Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection72 months
Doc 7Portable Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Test144 months
Doc 8Airframe Inspection300 hrs / 24 mo.
Doc 9Battery Capacity Check600 hrs / 12 mo. / 200 hrs / 4 mo
Doc 10Complete Inspection1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Doc 11Flight Compartment Window Prism Inspection / Fuselage Skin Joint NDT2400 hrs / 72 mo. then 1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Doc 12ELT Inspection12 months
Doc 13A/S, Alt, ADC & Static24 months
Doc 14Landing Gear Wheels Inspectionper Maintenance Manual
Doc 15Corrosion Inspection - Exterior14 days
Doc 17NiCAD Battery check100 hours / 12 mo
Doc 18Pylon Firewall Inspection150 hours
Doc 21Windshield bleed check600 hrs / 24 mo.
Doc 22Precooler check1200 hrs. / then ea. 300
Doc 29Cockpit and Cabin Zonal Inspection7200 hrs / then ea. 5000
Doc 33Door Seal Inspection300 hrs / 12 mo.
Doc 36Corrosion inspectionevery 6 months
Doc MACockpit side window inspection300 hours
Doc MCCabin skin NDT inspection1200 hours
Doc MDNose Landing Gear Fork inspection5000 lndgs / then ea. 1000
Doc MFSkin Splice6000 hours
Doc MGFuselage Skin6000 hrs / 2400 hrs thereafter
Doc MHCabin door inspection6000 hours, then ea. 3000 hrs
Doc MIPressure Bulkhead7200 hours, then ea. 2400 hrs
Doc MJWindow / Door Frame7200 hours, then ea. 5000 hrs
Doc MKFwd Vertical Inspection7900 hours, then ea. 5000 hrs
Doc MLRetaining ring (SN 1 thru 0332)9600 hours, then ea. 1200 hrs
Doc MMPressure Bulkhead (SN 0333 and up)12,000 hours, then ea. 2400 hrs
Doc MNRetaining ring (SN 0333 and up)12,00 hours, then ea. 3000 hrs
Doc MOVertical stab aft spar15,200 hours, then ea. 5000 hrs
Doc MPTime limited dispatch maintenance checksevey 12 months / 250 hrs
FJ44 check 1300 hours
FJ44 check 2600 hours
FJ44 check 1 & 2600 hours
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Evaluation
Aircraft Re-weigh