Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Phase BGeneral Airframe & Engine150 hrs.
Phase 1Nose, Cockpit, Interior300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 2Wings, Gear, Empennage300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 3Tailcone300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4Airframe and Powerplants (both)300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4 A/FAirframe Only300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 5Complete Inspection & 1200 hr.1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 1 thru 5Complete Inspection 
Phase 6Airframe Exterior Check14 days
Phase 7Drag Chute90 days
Phase 10Ni-Cad Battery Check100 hrs
Phase 11Rudder Servo & Cables200 hrs
Phase 12ACM, Spar & T/R600 hrs
Phase 13PS-823 Emergency Power Supply100 hrs / 3 mo.
Phase 14Crack Inspection — Structures10K hrs, then ea. 3K hrs
Phase 15Empennage Structure: Crack Inspection — Tail, Horizontal10K hrs, 15K hrs, then ea 1K
Phase 16Crack Inspection — Door & Pylon10K hrs, 15K hrs, 3000 hrs
Phase 17Crack Inspection — Cabin Structure10,000 hrs
Phase 18Emergency EquipmentEvery Year
Phase 19Vertical inspection10,000 hrs, then ea. 2500
Phase 20A/S, Alt, ADC & Static with RVSMEvery 2 years
Phase 20Phase 20 without RVSMEvery 2 years
RVSM Yearly InspectionEvery year
Phase 21Transponder & CVR BeaconEvery 2 years
Phase 22Pnuematic (Nitrogen) HydroEvery 3 years
Phase 23Engine Fire Bottles / Oxygen Bottle HydroEvery 5 years
Phase 26Cargo Door Pin Latch Inspection2400 hours
Phase 27Cargo Door Frame Inspection3600 hours
Phase 34Portable Fire Extinguishersevery 6 mo.
Phase 35PS-835 Standby Gyro Battery Pack3 to 6 mo.
Phase 37Windows, Doors & Stabs5000 hrs
Phase 39Camera Pod4500 hrs, then ea. Phase 5
Phase 41Horizontal X-Ray3,700 hrs, then ea. 1,200 hrs
Phase 47Cockpit & Cabin HalonEvery 12 years
Phase 48Cockpit & Cabin HalonEvery 6 years
Phase 49Skin Joint & Doubler Inspection1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 53Copilot’s Side Window Insp.every 50 landings
Phase 55Emer. Locator TransmitterEvery 12 mos.
Phase 56Lead-Acid Battery Capacityper Battery Manual
Phase 57Copilot’s Side Window Insp.150 hours after installation
Phase 58Vapor cycle system hour meterEvery 300 hrs
Phase 59Vapor cycle compressor 500 hrsEvery 500 A/C compressor hrs
Phase 60Front Carry-Thru to Wing Spar Lugs Insp.10K hrs then 1200 hrs
Phase 61Corrosion InspectionEvery 6 mo.
Phase MABF Goodrich Brakes - no TRs1st 224 lndgs, the ea. 200 lndgs, remove at 749 lndgs
Phase MBBF Goodrich Brakes - w/ TRs1st 425 lndgs, remove at 749 lndgs
Phase MCNose LG Fork - 1, - 3 (SN -0491, -0492)3400 lndgs, then ea. 1000
Phase MDNose LG Fork -1, -3 (SN -002 to -0626, except -0491 and -0492)Every 5000 landings
Phase MENose LG Fork -1, -3 (SN -0627 and up)3400 lndgs, then ea 1000
Phase MFVapor cycle system hour meter300 hrs
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Evaluation
Aircraft Re-weigh