Inspection DocumentDescriptionTime Interval
Phase BGeneral Airframe & Engine150 hrs.
Phase 1Nose, Cockpit, Interior300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 2Wings, Gear, Empennage300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 3Tailcone300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4Powerplants (both)300 hrs / 24 mo.
Phase 4 A/FAirframe Only300 hrs / 24 mo.
FJ44-2A Check 1 (both engines)150 hrs (non-TAP)
FJ44-2A Check 1 (both engines)300 hrs (TAP)
FJ44-2A Check 2 (both engines)300 hrs (non-TAP)
FJ44-2A Check 2 (both engines)600 hrs (TAP)
Phase 5Complete Inspection & 1200 hr. — w/o Phase 491200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 1 thru 5 — w/o Phase 49
Phase 6Airframe Exterior Check14 days
Phase 7Drag Chute90 days
Phase 10 - NiCADBattery Deep Cycle100 hrs
Phase 11Stick Shaker (Netherlands)200 hrs
Phase 12ACM & Spar600 hrs
Phase 13Nicad S/B Gyro Battery100 hrs / 3 mo.
Phase 14Lead Acid S/B Gyro3 - 6 mo.
Phase 15Empennage Structure: Crack Inspection — Tail10K hrs, 15K hrs,
then ea 1K
Phase 16Cabin Door and Engine Mount Structure10K hrs, 15K hrs,
then ea 3K
Phase 17Crack Inspection — Cabin Structure10,000 hrs
Phase 18Emergency EquipmentEvery Year
Phase 20A/S, Alt, ADC & Static, FAR 91.411A/SEvery 2 years
Phase 20Phs. 20 above, with RVSMEvery 2 years
Phase 21CVR & Locator BeaconEvery 2 years
RVSM Yearly InspectionEvery year
Phase 23Elevator Rate Limiter Autopilot TestEvery 5 years
Phase 24Pressure Bulkheads & Spar C/T10K hrs,
then ea. 3K hrs
Phase 34Portable Fire Extinguishersevery 6 mo.
Phase 37Windows, Doors, Wing & Horizontal Stabilizer5000 hrs
Phase 39Camera Pod & Navigation Sight Structure4500 hrs,
then ea. Phase 5
Phase 41Horizontal X-Ray3,700 hrs,
then ea. 1,200 hrs
Phase 48Cockpit & Cabin Halon FE InspectionEvery 72 mo.
Phase 49Skin Seam & Windshield / Window Inspection1200 hrs / 36 mo.
Phase 51Foam Voids, SL500-28-10 (Block reinstall extra)First 10,000 hrs/10 yr,
then ea. 5 yr.
Phase 52Fwd & Aft Pressure BulkheadFirst 5000 hrs,
then ea. 2000 hrs.
Phase 53Emer. Locator TransmitterEvery 12 mos.
Phase 54Battery Deep Cycle, Lead-Acid100 hrs
Phase 55Thrust Reverser Pivot Point lube600 hrs
Phase 56Vapor cycle system hour meter300 hrs
Phase 57Corrosion Inspection6 months
Phase 58Vapor Cycle Cooling 500 Compressor Hour
(Except Compressor Motors 113404-1, -5
or FWA1134104-1, -5)
500 A/C compressor hours
Phase 59Front Carry-Thru to Wing Spar Lugs10,000 hours,
then ea. 1200 hrs
Phase MANose LG Fork -1, -312,000 Lndgs,
then ea. 1000
Phase MDMLG Side BraceEvery 5000 landings
Phase MFBF Goodrich Brake Inspection - no TRs1st 224 lndgs,
then ea. 200 lndgs,
remove at 749 lndgs
Phase MGBF Goodrich Brake Inspection - w/ TRs1st 425 lndgs,
remove at 749 lndgs
Phase MHVapor cycle system hour meter
(Compressor Motors 113404-1, -5
or FWA1134104-1, -5)
Every 300 hrs
Sierra Eagle 2,500 Hour InspectionEvery 2,500 hrs
Engine Change
Certificate of Airworthiness
Prepurchase Evaluation
Aircraft Re-weigh