May 2019 – SkyWay re-introduces the Citation SkyStep cabin step replacement, providing safer and more robust entry to the cabin for a wide variety of classic Cessna Citation business jets. Featuring 3 enclosed steps, SkyStep is precision machined and assembled in our FAA PMA-approved on-site manufacturing facility.

Originally developed by Sierra Industries (a precursor to SkyWay MRO), the updated SkyStep incorporates improved dampers for smoother operation. It can be easily installed in under 2 hours at any qualified maintenance facility, or at our Uvalde factory facility.

The SkyStep is STC-approved for the following Cessna Citation models:

  • Citation 500 and 501SP
  • Citation 550 and 551
  • Citation S550
  • Citation 560 – V, Ultra and Encore
  • Citation 525
  • Citation 525A
  • Citation 525B
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