The FLEX program extends your engine’s TBO by increasing the frequency and thoroughness of routine engine inspections.

This early identification and correction of potential engine problems supports an FAA-approved increase in the engine overhaul interval.

cessna citation Williams FJ44 jet engine
Williams FJ44-2A jet engine


Aside from the obvious financial benefit of avoiding engine overhaul or replacement, SkyWay’s FLEX program offers additional benefits to legacy Business Jet owners:

  • Preferential discounted flat rate inspection pricing for FLEX-required Hot Sections, engine inspections and other aircraft phase inspections

  • Preferred access to SkyWay’s deep Citation engine and airframe knowledge base

  • SkyWay representation and support in the event of FAA compliance issues

Program enrollment and subscription pricing

Funding Schedule:

  1. The initial (non-refundable) Evaluation fee includes a very comprehensive review of the engine logs and component histories. From this review we will provide the client with a % eligibility and full disclosure of expected costs. It is anticipated that travel to the aircraft location to view the engines and logs including a boroscope inspection may be required.
  2. The Program Documents Generation and Submittal fee covers all the work to create a AAIP and submit it to the FAA FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) including in-person visits with an FAA inspector if necessary. The acceptance of the FLEX AAIP is conditional upon the individual FSDO office and inspector and while there is no guarantee, this process has been proven and approved in most of the FAA FSDO’s nationwide. This fee is also not refundable. The LUIP option must be declared in advance of this body of work.
  3. The FLEX Mandated Engine Inspection requires a hot section inspection at an authorized Service Center. Inspection pricing may vary from one facility to another and may include “over and above” expenses, including additional parts, rework, inspection, repair or replacement of discrepant parts during the inspection.
  4. The Final payment is due upon FAA approval of the AAIP.

FLEX Funding Schedule

FJ44-1 series FJ44-2 series FJ44-3 series
Evaluation / Enrollment* $2,995.00 $2,995.00 $2,995.00
Broker letter of eligibility (optional) $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00
Program Documents Generation and submittal $9,750.00 $10,962.50 $12,281.88
FLEX Mandated Engine Inspections FLEX requires a Hot Section Inspection, to be performed by an authorized Service Center. This cost is not included here.
Upon FAA Approval $8,750.00 $9,220.00 $10,535.50
FLEX Program Total
Williams FJ44 $21,495.00 $23,177.50 $25,812.38


Not included in this pricing is:

  • FLEX requires a Hot Section Inspection, to be performed by an authorized Service Center.
  • Travel specific to the incorporation of SkyWay FLEX program on your aircraft and engines. This includes but is not limited to face to face meetings with the FAA and/or travel to your facility to perform inspections or maintenance.
  • Any freight packaging or shipping required during the FLEX life extension maintenance activities.
  • Engine parts, repair, overhaul or non-standard supplies associated with the SkyWay FLEX life extension maintenance activities.
  • Any SB or AD compliance required to be eligible under the SkyWay FLEX program.
  • Periodic boroscope inspections are provided free of charge if done by SkyWay (travel excluded) however, if done by a 3rd party provider, it will be at the customer’s expense.
  • A Transfer Fee of $7,500 is required when the aircraft ownership changes.