FLEX Frequently Asked Questions

FLEX Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-25T14:09:08-05:00
Can the FLEX program be used by Part 135 operators?2019-04-17T10:26:29-05:00

While the FLEX program was primarily designed for US registered FAR Part 91 aircraft we can tailor the program for FAR Part 135 operators as well. (Acceptance by your Part 135 PMI may vary from FSDO to FSDO.)

Can FLEX inspections (oil sample, borescope) be done by other MRO facilities?2019-04-23T14:56:16-05:00

Absolutely. In the case of the taking of oil samples this can even be done by the operator as it is non-invasive and does not require a mechanic to perform. Borescope inspections can be done by SkyWay MRO in our facilities or by our mobile service teams as well as other 3rd party providers.

What happens if I sell my aircraft? Can the new owner continue the subscription?2019-04-23T14:58:52-05:00

The FAA Approval for the FLEX program is specific to each operator and must be resubmitted by a new owner. SkyWay will handle this effort completely for an effortless transition from one owner to the next. Note – there will be a transfer fee involved.

What happens if I choose to remove my engine(s) from the FLEX program?2019-04-15T17:41:05-05:00

You may remove your engines from the SkyWay FLEX program at any time, however the TBO would revert back to the manufacturer’s approved limit in effect prior to enrollment.

Does the FLEX program offer any other benefits?2019-04-15T17:41:45-05:00

If your average aircraft utilization is less than 150 hours per year, you can opt for the Low Utilization Inspection Package to be added to the FLEX program. This LUIP option can extend major inspections and thereby reduce your overall maintenance costs. Ask our FLEX representative for more information.

Is an extension of the TBO safe?2019-04-15T17:42:30-05:00

Both Pratt and Whitney and Williams International have been offering TBO extensions to fleet operators or PBTH (power by the hour) subscribers for years based on the same concepts that SkyWay has incorporated into the FLEX program. SkyWay has been operating engines in the past under this program with excellent success. When properly maintained and monitored under the SkyWay FLEX program an operator can be assured of safe operation throughout the extended TBO period.

Will my insurance company approve the FLEX progam?2019-04-15T17:43:10-05:00

SkyWay has worked with many of the industry insurance providers to gain acceptance of the FLEX program. If your insurer is not already on our list we will do the work to gain that acceptance for you as part of our service.

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