Enroll in FLEX

Enrollment in the FLEX program is easy, requiring completion of only a few simple steps to ensure that your engines and aircraft meet the requirements of the TBO extension.


  • Fill out the FLEX Enrollment Agreement. Submit the Agreement and return it to SkyWay MRO, along with copies of the pertinent engine logbook pages and current CESCOM / CAMP (or equivalent) reports. A non-refundable payment of $2995.00 is due with the submission of the FLEX Questionnaire.
  • SkyWay will respond back to you after detailed review of your information with complete program details and pricing specific to your aircraft and engines. With your acceptance and payment of the enrollment fee, we will move into the next phase of incorporating the SkyWay FLEX program to your aircraft.
  • SkyWay will schedule an initial engine inspection at your convenience. A complete survey of the engine will be performed – logbook review, boroscope both ends, 5 point ground run, oil analysis and initial trend monitoring. We will use this information to establish baseline data on your engines and to prepare for the life extension maintenance inspections and work.


  • From the start of your enrollment, your aircraft will be monitored by SkyWay personnel with all the information you need to ensure timely compliance of inspections and component maintenance.

  • Every 100 hours, SkyWay will prompt you submit your engine trend data for evaluation. This can be as easy as taking a photo of the engine displays with your smartphone and emailing or texting it to us. We will review this information and record the pertinent data for trending your engines’ health.

  • Every 150 hours, SkyWay will send you an oil collection kit for easy and non invasive capture of an oil sample for our analysis. These will come in self-addressed and prepaid packaging for effortless submission to SkyWay.

  • Every 300 hours, a boroscope inspection of the cold and hot sections of your engines is required to confirm that there is no excessive deterioration or imminent damage. These boroscope inspections can be done in your facility and at your convenience, by our mobile service teams or by a 3rd party provider.

Following the structure in the SkyWay FLEX program, you can be assured of many hours of engine life beyond the manufacturer’s recommended TBO, knowing that we have developed this program from years of turbine operating experience and with the concurrence of the FAA.