How does the FLEX program work?

FLEX extends engine TBO by increasing the frequency and thoroughness of routine engine inspections. Early identification and correction of problems is the key to long-term health, allowing the engine to remain operational in the FLEX program. This supports an FAA-approved increase in the engine overhaul interval.

Crew working on Citation Jet engine


Initial Inspection and Evaluation

SkyWay will collect data on your engines along with service history and current condition to determine eligibility and program costs.
This establishes an initial baseline for the present condition of the engine. An AIP (Approved Inspection Program) is required to enroll, along with a notice to the FAA informing them that the engine will be maintained per FLEX program specifications.

Required Inspections

Once the engines are enrolled into the FLEX program, a condition inspection is required in accordance with the SkyWay FLEX FAA Approved procedure. SkyWay can do this inspection in either our facility or yours to make this both convenient and painless. These inspections are flat rated and a part of the FLEX program fees.

Engine Performance Monitoring

Once enrolled in the SkyWay FLEX program, Engine performance monitoring allows continued evaluation of the engine on a scheduled basis and is designed to detect gradual changes over that time that will help pinpoint problems early.

Oil Analysis

At scheduled time intervals, SkyWay will provide you with a simple non-invasive kit to take an oil sample to return to us for spectroanalysis. Oil analysis can help detect excessive wear of components and can provide early warnings of deterioration and impending failure of engine parts.

Borescope Inspections

Periodic borescope inspections of the internal parts of the engine hot section and compressor are used to identify engine problems in their early stages and to enable corrective action. SkyWay’s FLEX program utilizes borescope inspection of internal parts without the need to disassemble the engine and can be done in your facility and at your convenience by our mobile service team.

For more detailed information, please contact the program administrator at 1-830-900-7032 or email